From a young age, Katrina (Kat) Glaze was drawn to music. Her talents began in toddlerhood; humming, strumming on a plastic toy guitar and singing songs. When her parents realized that she had musical ability at the young age of two, they determined to put her in music lessons. A week after she turned four years old, Kat began taking classical violin lessons near her home in Long Beach, California. She had a good ear for picking up melodies, site-reading music, and a natural performing confidence that shown brightly from a young age. This also came with a tendency to not want to practice the music in front of her, but rather make up her own melodies. She began fiddling at the behest of her father who loved bluegrass music and at the age of 7 she won her first fiddle contest in Old Time Fiddling at the Orange County Fair...

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 "...[a] wonderful violin soloist." 

                                                  - Dallas Voice

"Katrina delivers a soaring Irish fiddle performance..."

                                    -Theater Jones

"Katrina [is] a whiz on the violin with a voice that gracefully segues from sorrow to saucy to joy..."

                               -Dallas Morning News



Fall 2020




5 Second Rule is an energetic acoustic band based in Dallas, Texas. Their collective experience in traditional folk, rock and Celtic music sets the stage for inventive excursions into jazz, world music, and other realms. They are ranked one of the Top 10 Irish bands in Texas.

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